At CmsWood we supply quality plywood to the building and civil sectors by listening to the market and responding with competitive solutions. Our company continually develop high-quality plywood and other wood panels.

CmsWood is committed to understand and accustom to our clients’ requirements on the products that fit into their objectives. We are delivering the best products to our customers based on their needs.

Plywood Brands

ordinary plywood

Ordinary Plywood For Furniture, Building, Packaging, General Uses.

Film Faced Plywood

Phenolic faced marine grade plywood for formwork construction.

marine plywood

Marine grade plywood made with exterior WBP glue.


CmsForm™ is our phenolic film faced plywood brand. It is designed and produced for concrete shuttering in formwork construction. The standard sizes are 1220x2440x18mm.

We have classified our formwork plywood into three grades:

  • CmsFormFJ: Finger Joint Core, Low Price, Low Reuse Times
  • CmsFormPL: Poplar Core, Medium Price, Medium Reuse Times
  • CmsFormEC: Eucalyptus Core, Premium Price, Medium & High Reuse Times

All CmsForm sheets are sealed on four edges to increase waterproof capabilities. The sheets should be stored away from rain and direct sunshine. After each use, formwork workers should clean the sheets. If the sheets are cut, should always seal the fresh edges.


CmsPly™ is the ordinary plywood used for construction, furniture, packaging, etc. It is poplar plywood with hardwood faces or pine faces.

Thickness2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm
Face VeneerOkoume, Bintangor, Pencil Cedar, Sapele, Poplar, Pine, Birch
Core VeneerChinese Poplar


CmsMarine™ is our premium veneer plywood brand. It features a uniform core with WBP grade adhesive. It is an ideal material for exterior use.

The marine plywood can withstand humid over a long time without damage. It is considered good material for flooring, subfloor and vehicle body.

Plywood Shipped By Container / Bulk Cargo

Plywood Industry Knowledge

CmsWood is a long time player in plywood business. Our plywood are very well maded and our relations with customers are super.

Our plywood are shipped to South East Asia, Latin America, Pacific Islands, Middle East and Africa.

We are open to your inquiry and look forward to the coming cooperations!

One Year Quality Warranty

CmsWood is committed to provide high quality plywood to wholesale customers and industrial manufacturers. Not only we secure the quality before shipments, we also provide one year quality warranty for all our plywood products. Contact our sales teams.

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