About The Company

Plywood Business

Make a difference in the plywood market.

Our Mission

Grow big with customers with the best products.

CMS WOOD is a plywood brand in China. It has emerged as one of the most reliable and leading manufacturers of superior quality plywood in China. Our products can be used for making furniture, doors, sofa, concrete wall and much more. With a humble beginning more than five years ago, it aims to offer quality plywood and be a trustworthy supplier for their plywood needs.

plywood factory in china

At CMS WOOD we do not rely on the existing products, but we also continuously introduce new products for the benefits of our customers. Our sales team is sincere, diligent, devoted and thanks to them we have great relations with our clients. We aim at maintaining a healthy relation with the wholesalers and manufacturers.

CMS Plywood is produced through a modern manufacturing process which ensures uniform quality on every parameter. State-of-the-art machines that ensure perfection at every step, numerically controlled and calibrated temperature, pressure and time, and automated material transport helps maintain quality and also save energy.

Why Choose CmsWood?

Despite the presence of cheap priced brands, CmsWood still continues to remain true to its promise of consistency in maintaining product quality standards. Such is the reason that it is preferred by experts in the building and formwork industry worldwide.

  • Consistent Quality
  • Quality Assurance
  • Crafted for Durability
  • Guaranteed Value

Wide Product Range

Our company supplies a wide range of plywood made in China.

As you can see from our catalog, we have ordinary plywood, film faced plywood, and marine plywood. These three categories cover most of the plywood panels in the market.

Besides, we make non-structural and structural plywood which is used for building and construction purposes like beams and hoardings. But it can also be used in crates, internal structures, bins, boxes, and outdoor furniture. No problem with wall and roof bracing.

Superior Custom Service

Our inspection team and logistic team is the best among the best. We make sure that every shipment is well manufactured and the logistics are always smooth for customers.