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CmsWood is the leading brand plywood made in China. We know very well about Chinese wood based panel market. Working with us you will be able to get a reliable supply of plywood, mdf and particle board.

import plywood china
Chinese Plywood Products

Types of Chinese Plywood

Why Import Plywood From China?

China is doing well in plywood business especially the softwood plywood with a hardwood veneer face.

People ask: what is the competitive advantage of Chinese plywood? There are a lot of reasons that Chinese manufacturers are taking the market.

Cheap Wood Veneers

Poplar is a plantation tree in North China. There are many farmers grow this softwood timber as their business. Local veneering is cheap as it is family run business. There is a trend that poplar logs are getting more expensive due to the environment protection policy.

Huge amount of radiata pine logs are imported from New Zealand to China with very cheap prices. This helps with reducing the cost of structural plywood and non-structural plywood.

In Southern China there is another plantation tree called eucalyptus. It is a hardwood timber with density of 600 kgs per cubic meters. Eucalyptus is also available in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Complete Supply Chain

China has the most complete supply chain for plywood from plywood machinery, core veneers, adhesive, hardwood veneers and decorative faces. It has more than one million industry workers dedicated in wood based panel business. Thousands of engineers and experts is a key factor for the industry growth.

Thanks to the supply chain and its large scale, chinese companies can provide the many kinds of plywood including the highest standard marine plywood.

CmsWood – Plywood Brand From China

CmsWood is a plywood manufacturer in China. It is one famous brand in China and abroard. The company essentially supply the market high standard commercial plywood, industrial plywood and furniture plywood.