Plywood Core Veneers – Poplar and Eucalyptus For Cores in China

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Top Plywood Producing Countries

There are a few major countries produce plywood in the world. They are Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, United States, China, Chile, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand etc. Among them, pine, birch, meranti, eucalyptus, poplar are the most choiced core material.

Softwood Poplar For Core in China

More than 95% of Chinese plywood are made with poplar or eucalyptus core. The poplar is a local plantation timber grown in North China. Its scientific name is Populus tomentosa Carr.

Reasons Plywood Manufacturers Choose Poplar in China

  • Local material, easy to get in huge quantities
  • A lot of sizes and thickness available. Totally customizable.
  • Cheaper than hardwood veneers or pine
  • Lightweight, easier to handle
  • Do not wrap or twist easily

Disadvantage of Poplar Veneers

  • Lightweight, hence its strength is not as good as the birch or meranti
  • Should avoid low quality logs

Hardwood Eucalyptus For Core in China

Eucalyptus is a Chinese local hardwood grown in Guangxi Province, which is neighbour to Vietnam. Chinese plywood mills rarely used other kind of hardwood such as birch or meranti. When hardwood is needed, they use eucalyptus.

Where Do They Use Eucalyptus Hardwood Instead of Poplar Softwood?

  • Furniture & Cabinet Grade Plywood
  • Melamine Faced Plywood
  • Structural Grade Panel
  • Flooring Base Panel

Imported Radius Pine & Birch

Chinese timber merchants import radius pine logs from New Zealand. They also import birch logs or veneers from Russia and Latvia. These two species are mainly used in floor manufacturing.

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