film faced plywood
Phenolic Coated Film Faced Plywood & Anti-slip Plywood

CmsWood manufactures high-quality film faced plywood and anti-slip products mainly for construction and transport industries. Our professionals develop, manufacture and export high-quality film faced plywood products for various demanding applications to our customers worldwide.

By taking advantage of the low cost of poplar and eucalyptus veneers, our modern production methods as well as the knowledge and experience of our engineers, we can offer timber and panel solutions to our partners in construction, transport and many other industries.

Product Specifications

Plywood Core

Film faced plywood core can be made with poplar, eucalyptus or mix of these two type of veneers – COMBI. Poplar veneers are ok for normal projects and less repeat times. If the plywood are required to be structural, then eucaplytus has to be used.

  1. Poplar Core
  2. Eucalyptus Core
  3. Poplar + Eucalyptus Core Mixed – COMBI
  4. Finger Joint Core – Recycled Board


Phenolic film coated plywood comes in many thickness. The most used in the market is 15mm 18mm. Other thickness are 8mm, 12mm, 21mm.

Phenolic Coated Film

There are many grades for the film laminated on the board. We can print your logo on the film.

  1. China Local Generic Brand Film – Black, Brown, Red
  2. Dynea film (Manufactured by AICA Asia)


The adhesive used to bond the veneers are critical for the plywood quality. There are different adhesive in the market but WBP glue is no doubt the best in bonding capability. For exterior applications our company offers weather-resistant phenolic or melamine resins.

Glue TypeWater Boiling Proof Time
Urea Adhesives ADHESIVES6 Hours
Melamine Resin – WBP12-24 Hours
Phenolic Resin – WBP48-72 Hours

Photos of Plywood Production