marine plywood

CmsMarine™ is a marine plywood brand of CmsWood. It features a water boiling proof capability with very durable hardwood faces.

Marine plywood is also known as waterproof plywood. It is often used in construction of house exterior and boats. And it lasts longer in humid conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack.


WBP Glue

This product is used in extreme conditions with high humidity and moisturee. In this case, the plywood need WBP glue to make sure the veneers don’t delaminate over time.

Durable Faces

Thick and durable hardwood faces are required to defend the harsh conditions plywood will be used. It will be scratch resistant.

Less Voids

The gap in the plywood layers are inevitable but the marine plywood almost have none of it. The voids gap in the plywood core is minimum.

Product Specifications

Core Veneer Made with hardwood or radiata pine. No voids in core gap. Phenolic water proof glue are used as adhesive.
Plywood Size The thickness range from 4mm to 25mm. Size 1220x2440mm.
Face Veneers Must use very thick face veneers. The veneer species can be gaboon okoume or pine.

Marine Plywood Uses

marine plywood house
bathroom furniture plywood
boat making marine ply

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