chinese hardwood plywood

Cms Ordinary Plywood is the general plywood that are used in many areas, including furniture, cargo packaging, building, box making, sheathing, wall bracing and cladding, and so on.

Product Specifications

Core Veneer

CMS hardwood plywood are made with Chinese plantation softwood – Poplar. Poplar is cheaper than hardwood and it is similar with the acacia wood in south east asia. When a higher quality is required, the manufacturer can make eucalyptus hardwood core plywood as well. All CMS ordinary plywood are calibrated and sanded.

Panel Size

The thickness of ordinary hardwood plywood range from 2mm to 25mm at customers’ request. The upper most thickness can be as thick as 40mm. Common thickness are 2mm 2.5mm 3.6mm 5.2mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm. Size can be 1220x2440mm to maximum 1800*3600mm jumbo size.

Face Veneers

The most common face veneers are bintangor, okoume, bleached poplar, pine, birch, sapele, burma teak, oak, walnut and so on. The face veneer sheet can be whole sheet, or crown cut, quater cut, etc. Both tropical hardwood, softwood and recon veneers can be laminated on the face of plywood.

Photos of Plywood Production

Jumbo Size Plywood

We can produce jumbo size plywood as large as 1800*3600mm.


What is the difference between Chinese plywood and Malaysian/Indonesian Plywood?

Chinese plywood mills use poplar and eucaplytus as main materials to produce their product. Factories in Malaysia and Indonesia utilize tropical hardwood to make their panel core. Chinese products’s prices are more acceptable while its quality is not as good as the other two countries.