Quality Control

Plywood Inspected Sheet by Sheet

Every single sheet of our plywood is carefully inspected “Piece by piece” before any shipment and any plywood which does not pass our stringent quality control is rejected. Our quality control process start from veneers peeling which includes veneer quality. Then moisture content and finishes after the plywood is produced. Our inspector will check each sheet and before packing.

Standard plywood inspection process includes

  • Size tolerance
  • Thickness tolerance
  • Flatness
  • Core gaps / overlaps
  • Moisture content
  • Knots
  • Splits
  • Press marks

Photos will be taken during the inspection

moisture content check
Moisture Content Test
Check Width and Length
Width & Length
plywood thickness
Thickness Checking
Diagonal Dimension For Squareness
Squareness Checking
face veneers
Visual Checking of Face Veneers
plywood twisting or distortion
Check Twisting or Distortion

Inspections are different for different types of plywood. The characteristics and quality of door skin plywood are different to ordinary veneer plywood and our inspectors are fully aware of the differences and will do their inspection accordingly.