Understanding Marine Plywood in Different Countries

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Marine plywood is a very common seen term in the industry and consumer market. It is a sub category of plywood.

If you are living in a different part of the world, you will see the term “marine plywood” differently.

Marine Plywood in Middle East

In gulf countries, people give the film faced plywood another name: marine plywood. The reason is that many formwork plywoods is imprinted with MARINEPLEX or marine plywood logo.

Marineplex Logo Formwork Plywood

This is becoming a norm for the gulf countries and india, bangladesh and other south asia countries too.

Most of the marine plywood are imported from China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Marine Plywood in The Philippines

The Philippines is the largest market for Chinese plywood export. Its main import from China is ordinary plywood and marine plywood.

marine plywood for roofing
Marine Plywood For Roofing

The marine plywood are used for building the house in their villages. Different between marine plywood and ordinary plywood is quite simple. Their difference lies in the glue.

  • Marine Plywood Use WBP Melamine or Phenolic Glue
  • Ordinary Plywood Use MR Glue

The glue can define the product quality and strength when same veneer are used.

Marine Plywood in Australia & New Zealand

Australians and kiwis would see marine plywood as the BS 1088 plywood. BS means the British Standard. It is for the maritime industry including boat making, marine furniture, and so on.

This is a very high standard for plyboard. As a matter of fact, it is the same with our own brand CmsMarine™

This type of ply is a very premium quality. Only a few manufacturers in China can make it.